"as a signed model of ATTNTN, i can safely say that polina and denis (owners of the agency) are incredibly professional as agents AND it’s also equally important to mention how supportive and understanding those people are! can’t wait to see what the future holds for us xo"
@scharazkaya, ATTNTN model

"denis! polina! thank fate for bringing me to you. i'm glad i once decided to trust and see where all this will lead. and now i am in tokyo with my first work contract. it's unbelievable. i am calm because i know that i will always find support. and this is you. thank you so much!"
@mssavitskayaa, scouted by ATTNTN

"thank you for everything! you are truly incredible support and help. it is very pleasant to know that i came to you and exactly you found me. models feel safe with you!" 
@irina.fid, scouted by ATTNTN